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Kauai Art Factory

Stylehack Runway Show

Kauai Art Factory is putting on their first production called #Stylehack for the youth on Kauai. Many professional designers, models, photographers and stylist are joining forces to empower the youth to put on their own fashion show. We are working collectively together to give the kids the skills they need to put on their own fashion show.

I have to say, that I am blown away by how much creativity and energy these 12 - 18 year old individuals have. Alison Furderer is modeling a 12 year old girls custom designed outfit that she created soley out of found objects from the thrift store. It is truly an honor getting to work with so many talented artist to help empower the creative arts on Kauai.

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This is only just the beginning for the Kauai Art Factory, we plan on putting on many more events that range from painting, drawing, photography, film, theater and more.

The fashion event will be held on May 31st at 5:00 pm at the KCC. The event is free and it will definitely be worth checking out.

Hair and makeup is from Harmonie Redman at Relish Salon and the outfit is designed by a local Kauai Art Factory student.


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