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National Geographic Discovery Channel Promo

The other day I was walking up the cliffs from the ocean with all my underwater camera gear and a group of individuals stopped me. They shouted from afar, "What's in that thing, a 5d?" I am used to getting asked about my setup, so I striked up a conversation. The questions and requests to follow, quickly became a life long dream that is just beginning to unfold.

Next thing I knew, I was asked to film underwater adventures for Nat Geo on the Discovery Channel. They are filming an expedition on Kauai to bring awareness to our islands reef and sea turtle issues. They requested a short reel to showcase my underwater skills, so I jumped in the ocean yesterday and put this video together with my freediving friends, Michelle Marsh and Julian Miller. The surf was big, and the current was stronger than I have ever experienced. The water wasn't very clear either. However, life is all about making the most of what you have and being in the right place at the right time. I feel everything in my life has prepared me for where I am today. I have lived on Kauai for almost three years, and this island has taught me so much in that short time. It's my passion to give back and help bring awareness to the issues that face our island and this world.

I will be working with the Nat Geo and Discovery team for the next few weeks, plus the potential to provide footage for upcoming shows down the road. We will be filming with a marine veterinarian underwater, to find a sea turtle in need and help rescue it. I have witnessed first hand many of the issues that surround the sea turtles and I feel blessed to bring these to light. I have seen our sea turtles wrapped in fishing line, turtles with white cancerous growths forming around their mouths and eyes, as well as turtles with their fins complete blown of from possible NAVY RIMPAC testing directly off our shores. The government is supposed to conduct these test over 27 miles offshore, but we have documentation and witnesses that shows them closer than that distance. All of our marine animals and reefs are in serous danger and we need to bring awareness to what is causing the issues and get legislation to change. Be the change you wish to see. Act local, think global.


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