Kauai Photographer

Kauai Underwater Videography

National Geographic Discovery Channel Promo

The other day I was walking up the cliffs from the ocean with all my underwater camera gear and a group of individuals stopped me. They shouted from afar, "What's in that thing, a 5d?" I am used to getting asked about my setup, so I striked up a conversation. The questions and requests to follow, quickly became a life long dream that is just beginning to unfold.

Kauai Videography

Kauai Mopeds

We recently created a custom storyline for Kauai Mopeds. I worked to build a story and film at specific locations around the island. It is import to have a clear idea about video before starting. In college I studied storyboard illustration classes for animation and video. Having that background really helps in captivating the audience and connecting your ideas with the story.

Kauai Video Productions

Tahiti Nui Luau + Holo Holo Charters

Have you ever dreamed of the ultimate Hawaiian experience? Both Tahiti Nui and Holo Holo have something authentic and an experience you will never forget. Start off your morning with a boat tour around Kauai's sacred Na Pali Coast and venture into caves and snorkel. Or go to the forbidden island of Niihau and snorkel one of the most beautiful reefs in the pacific. These trips will forever change the way you see the world.

Kauai Sandcastles

Kauai Sandcastle Competition

Official Kauai Photographers

It was a great honor being chosen as the "official" photographer for the 2014 Kauai Sandcastle Competition in Hanalei, Kauai. I love being apart of our great community in the North Shore and meeting all the beautiful faces that make Kauai everything it can be. I am also a huge sculpture and fine arts fan, so being apart of the event felt very natural. I can remember playing in the sand as a child and this event really brought back all those childhood memories. It was a great event for both young and old...native, local and tourist. My wonderful wife, Alison joined me for the day and ended up working on a powerful sandcastle with a message. Many of the sandcastles where constructed with a message. Click on the read more button to see a few more pictures and link to all the official images.

Kauai Underwater Photographer

Kauai Underwater Photographer

Capturing Life Under the Sea

Our wedding photographer, Kit Furderer has the latest underwater housing gear for his professional Canon 5d mark ii. Capturing underwater photography in Kauai is truly a blessing and a passion that allows Kit to fine tune his skills for upcoming underwater photo shoots. This really opens the door for underwater fashion, trash the dress and unique story telling images for personal projects. Below are a few other photos I captured on my first outing under the sea.

Kauai Food Photographer

Kauai Restaurant Photographer

Food Photography on Kauai

High quality photography can really make a huge difference in attracting "Google savvy" clients to your restaurant or local Hawaiian business. That is why our wedding photographer Kit, likes to photograph and help local business's get discovered.

If you are a local business on Kauai and want to setup a meeting to discuss our photography and orĀ Hawaii web design packages, please Kine by Design.


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